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Base camp

June 26th, 2008

Hi, I posted a long summary of the team’s actions over the past week on the main blog.
I haven’t won the technology battles, but I’m gaining an advantage. My phone will only acquire a satellite signal if it’s heated to 100 degrees F or higher! This makes life difficult. Also, my iBook has no idea how to regulate its battery, so it will go from 100% charge to 0% within seconds. Argh.
Things are getting under control. I was not pleased to see a Serbian team on our route. I encountered one of these guys on Gasherbrum II, We called him the ‘Flying Serb,’ because he claimed to summit on a terrible weather day and my friends in Camp 4 saw no footprints leading to or from the only route to the summit. Perhaps he’ll fly to the summit of K2!
We are still waiting on our air cargo with all of our mountain gear. Until we get it (2-3 days) we’re limited in what we can do. Nobody is in a big hurry (which is good) and I’m finally getting organized. I can’t wait to get up on the hill, as it means I’m not doing organizational crap.
Aside from a terminally-runny nose, I’m feeling pretty good. Sleeping better, coughing very little. Administrative duties are decreasing, but we still have some issues to deal with. Today I might actually be able to get together my gear to visit ABC tomorrow!

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Here we go!

June 23rd, 2008

Hi, I’m going to keep it short again. I’m fighting way too many technology battles. My brand new and expensive Thuraya 2520 sat phone now refuses to pick up the sat signal. It’s been nothing but trouble since arriving in Pakistan. You can’t use it in the USA because there is no satellite coverage. Luckily Chris K. has the same phone (which works for calls but has other problems) so we’re covered for now. And, my computer battery has a very short lifespan (so I’m typing quickly).
Aside from a minor cough and some sniffles, all is well with me. I’m still in the middle of a three-ring circus, with our main group in Paiju, cargo in Skardu (tomorrow), and Paul coming to Islamabad in two days. The hike is the easy part!
Today is a rest day, which I need. The trip will get simpler for me the further we go, so I’m looking forward to simply climbing the mountain. I didn’t realize how buried I was in logistics until most of it went away.
Time for another cup of tea.
P.S. Now my phone is working-at least for the moment!

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June 16th, 2008

Howdy! I’m finally giving myself two minutes to write. I’ve been busier than the proverbial one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. I hope to pour myself into a jeep tomorrow and leave behind most of the logistics that never seem to end. I’m finally over jet lag, but have little time for reflection or anything else.

I’m getting used to the dust and exhaust fumes of Skardu–time to move on. I’ll hopefully have more to report later when I have a chance to think!


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