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Devils Lake and a Comment about comments

October 29th, 2010

I’ll be at Blue Mounds this Saturday (10/30)–maybe I’ll see you there.

Since there is a new Devils Lake guidebook (so I hear, I haven’t seen it), I plan to trim back my coverage of that area in the revision. Currently I have about 140 routes in my guide; I’d like to slash that by about a third. So when you send me your input, give me suggestions on which routes or areas at DL to drop. My philosophy is to minimize competition with guides that are in print and up-to-date.

Unknown climber on Shovel Point, MN

You may wonder why I don’t allow comments to this blog. Frankly, I don’t have time to moderate them! Most comments I receive are either spam or irrelevant to the topic at hand. I enjoy a good discussion but seldom find one on other forums I visit, which doesn’t encourage me to open the floodgates here. So turning off comments makes my life less stressful. Which is good.

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Photos photos

October 14th, 2010

I took photos at Carlton Peak, Palisade Head, and Shovel Point last Saturday. The weather was glorious, and I talked to a number of climbers enjoying the great weather. It was the first day with my new camera and there were the usual learning pains. For example, I got up to Carlton Peak and couldn’t remember how to set the self timer! I did figure it out, but I’ll bring the manual next time.

Besides the color photos in the new edition, I’ll be taking photos with people in them to give a better sense of scale. Here’s an ¬†example of the same shot with and without a person for scale.

with no scale

No person for scale

With climber for scale

With climber for scale

The new camera is great (Nikon D700). I needed it because many photos need to be taken close to the rock and the only way to do that digitally is with a full-size sensor. My radio remote shutter release arrived this week, so now I can take photos with me in them much more easily. Not that I want my picture in the book, but if nobody else is around, it has to be me.

I’ll be up north again this weekend: Section 13, Sawmill Creek Dome, Shovel Point, and Palisade (and maybe Wolf Ridge area). Maybe I’ll see you there.

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